3 Reasons Why You Should be a JT IoT Partner


With IoT revolutionising all industries with a rapid pace, many companies choose to partner with IoT providers to support their internal systems. Become a JT IoT partner to find new opportunities to expand your business and revenue streams. With market-leading reseller IoT solutions available to help you navigate through IoT monetisation.

Why the JT IoT partner benefits from reselling IoT solutions?

We're leading the way with our resell IoT solutions. With over +700 roaming partners around the globe, in addition, offering robust data connection and wide network coverage. The JT IoT partner can implement their end-to-end IoT solution tailored to verticals, and monetising data, analytics, security, and offer dedicated support.

At the heart of the JT IoT solution is the NOMAD white label IoT platform. As a result, this platform allows you and your customers to manage your own business and SIM estate.

IoT PartnerOperator Insight

At JT IoT, we provide rich operator insight to support your IoT solution. Most noteworthy, providing extensive reporting of all IoT traffic regardless of source or mobile technology (2G, 3G, 4G and soon 5G). We also provide real-time diagnostic information for signalling-level troubleshooting, enabling you to monitor data connection by refreshing the SIM. You are also able to see which networks a SIM is on and the SIM's IP address.

Our IoT Partners are given the ability to deliver their IoT solution at the right quality, consistently and at the best price.

IoT SolutionA Single Service Provider

With the potential complications of juggling multiple network agreements, invoices, and interoperability issues, a single service provider is almost always superior. However, finding a full-service telecoms operator who offers best-of-class service for connectivity around cellular, WiFi and LoRa, networks, with an IoT platform that can provision, manage, invoice and automate is key.

As a premium single service provider, JT IoT offers a range of connectivity options required for IoT solutions such as LTE, WiFi, LoRaWAN and going forward to 5G.

Providing market-leading global wireless data, as well as a key platform enabler of IoT, we aim to be your partner of choice for global telecoms innovation. We do this through our +700 global roaming partners, our NOMAD workflow engine and connectivity management portal, and our important global partnerships.

resell IoT solutionsFull Service and Dedicated Support

JT is a Tier 1 full-service telecom operator with over 120 years' experience in telecommunications.  We are dedicated to delivering world-class services to support the Internet of Things. With our full-service approach., we're leading the way with our resell IoT solutions. 

We provide connectivity to cellular, WiFi and LoRa, networks. Furthermore, we provide a platform that enables SIM provisioning, IoT security, management, invoicing and automation.

Buyers want a full service. JT's 24/7/365 support provides good customer service at every step. We provide flexible communication options from simple service desk access to effective internal training programs.

Are you looking to become one of JT IoT Partners?

Channel Partner Handbook ThumbnailDownload your free copy of the JT IoT Partners Handbook white paper, to find out the benefits for both you and your customers. 

Any other questions about our services or our Managed Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in a box solution? Please feel free to contact us.



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